Sunday, February 3, 2013

Superbowl Sunday!!

Fact: I love football..and basketball but since it's Superbowl Sunday I'll talk about that. I'm a huge Browns' fan which is a tragedy I'll have you all know. We have never ever ever been to the Superbowl, since I I've been watching they have never been in the playoffs. Usually they don't even go 8-8. But I'm a devoted fan, my whole family loves the Browns so I guess I was cursed to begin with.  So anyway, I have a second favorite team- the Patriots and I pretty much always assume that they'll be in the playoffs and I always hope they'll be in the Superbowl but I was pretty dissapointed this year that they weren't :( I'm cheering for the 49ers...I hate the Ravens ( no offense to you Baltimore fans) and I'm really not a big Lewis offense again. This is the first superbowl in a while I haven't watched with my family but today we're heading to my extended family's. Should be a real party...wings, chips, dips, pico de gallo, desserts! I'm super pumped about the wings...I love wings like Lebron James likes to dunk (not sure why I'm using him as an example, I can't stand Lebron James- I'm a Celtics fan!) Back to football. Actually I have nothing else to say, I don't really care about either of the teams but come's the Superbowl! The big debate around here is whether or not Beyonce is going to lip sing like she did for the inauguration?? I could care less, her voice is amazing either way...and come on it's gotta be hard to dance and sing pretty right? Right. Ok, I gotta get the clothes out of the dryer and head on over to the party! Seeya!

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