Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Killer Ab Workout

I decided that if I'm going to post a bunch of fattening recipes on here I better post something to counteract it. So I've been scouring Pinterest to find some Ab workouts...since that tends to be a lot of women's problem area. Men feel free to join in...it can be a family affair :) Ok so first of all there are a ton of ab workouts on Pinterest but this one is kinda cool too. Pinterest says it's a Pilates excercise? I'm not sure but here's how it works

Lie on your back and put both feet straight up in the air. Your hands can be at your side but should be up by your head   Like this:

So once you look somewhat like this chic

Write the alphabet in the air with your feet!  I got to E and my abs were on fire. I haven't done the whole alphabet yet because I stopped so i could blog this and share with you all :) So just try it...if your abs aren't on fire then you are just way ahead of me on the fitness train. For the rest of us- Keep on keepin on!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Some seriously yummy Pico De Gallo!

As you all know from my last post I am very picky, but I officially tried pico and really liked it! What is the world coming too? I've been making it about once a week now for Brett, so I thought I could share the recipe with you guys. **I got this recipe from Christy!** :)

Pico De Gallo

2 Avacados
Fresh Salsa, mild
Mexican blend shredded cheese
Jalapeno Peppers
Salt & Pepper
Garlic Cloves, Minced...or just some garlic salt :)

Ok, so I just scoop out all the avacado goodness and put it in a dish, then sprinkle the salt, pepper and garlic salt on. I use a lot :) Then I put on the fresh salsa which I buy from Giant, but if you're better in the kitchen than I am you can just make your own salsa too. Ok, so after the salsa I sprinkle the cheese on top then put the jalapeno peppers and olives on top. Serve immediately with some tortilla chips...or even doritos. There ya go. Pretty simple! Oh and you don't have to serve it right away, it will be just fine in the fridge. 

As always, Enjoy!

Friday, April 19, 2013

I've never had pie....

I'm a very picky eater, and most people usually just tell me I'm a brat when I say that but...I really don't think that's why I'm picky. I have a huge thing about texture, so the whole pie thing I just can't do it. Mushy...warm....fruit...just no. I actually just tried a tiny little bite of chocolate pie last week. And I'm dead serious when I say that is the first and ONLY bite of pie I will ever eat. I've also never had cheesecake...I know some of you are just in shock at this moment but relax. And honestly do I really need to be eating pie and cheesecake? I dont' think so. Ok, so since I'm very picky and also tend not to try things which is where the "you're a brat" comment comes in, my husbands family has been trying to get me to try new things since I've met them. Just in the last week I've had pie (it was so little I don't think it counts) sweet iced tea, shrimp & grits...together, I had a bite of something with pepper in it, as in green peppers. And a good friend of mine almost got me to try chocolate milk haha! Anyway, I tried all those things and truly didn't like any of them. I'm not trying to be a brat here, I just don't enjoy eating it. And I don't really like milk, hence never having chocolate milk. I literally drain it off my spoon when I eat cereal lol. Ok so the pie eating and ice tea drinking happened while we had a big Southern dinner with Brett's family. Now this is kinda gross but they were going to have CHITLINS...does everyone know what those are? I'll tell you. They are the intestines of a pig...YA. They can be fried OR steamed. yummm! (total sarcasm there in case you didn't catch that). You can buy these, clean and rinse them several times before you boil them. Brett's father actually likes eating these things! I have yet to see them but I don't think I'll have that privelege much longer. I refuse to try chitlins. Absolutely refuse. Call me a brat, I don't care. Oh one other little snack his father and grandfather enjoy....steak tartare. This might not be as gross to some of you, but eating steak raw would make me throw up. Just sayin'. Oh it doesn't have to be beef either, sometimes it's raw horse meat too. I just gagged. Alright well I guess I'll stop my little tirade now.
Thanks for reading...and if you really want to try something new you have some good ideas now!           <------------ Chitlins  

Thursday, April 4, 2013


I was at work a couple days ago and saw one of the supervisors cd's sitting on her desk, it was Plumb! Apparently she's not as popular as I though, Brett had no idea who she was. But after six years (or so her Itunes biography says) she's back! I love her music. Drifting (the title of this post) is probably my favorite on her new cd "Need You Know" Anyway, you should check her out. She's a Christian artist as well, so that's a plus! Yikes I almost burnt my cupcakes! Sorry about the abrupt change of subject there haha. I'm taking cupcakes to our weekly night out with some friends at church. Ok, so this Saturday Brett and I along with a bunch of people from my old church and my fam are all going to see Tim Hawkins!! I am so pumped, he's a Christian comedian for those of you who don't know him. Just look up some of his stuff on Youtube, it is HILARIOUS. And if you don't think so...then you're wrong =P Kidding but seriously, he's funny. Oh! Anddd my wonderful husband bought me a 75 minute Hot Stone Massage!! For my birthday! I am so ready for that. He's the best. Also, I chopped my hair off. I couldn't stand it anymore. But it's kinda cute..plus Brett likes it. Anyway I'm just blabbing now so I'll go frost my cupcakes. Bye!