Thursday, April 4, 2013


I was at work a couple days ago and saw one of the supervisors cd's sitting on her desk, it was Plumb! Apparently she's not as popular as I though, Brett had no idea who she was. But after six years (or so her Itunes biography says) she's back! I love her music. Drifting (the title of this post) is probably my favorite on her new cd "Need You Know" Anyway, you should check her out. She's a Christian artist as well, so that's a plus! Yikes I almost burnt my cupcakes! Sorry about the abrupt change of subject there haha. I'm taking cupcakes to our weekly night out with some friends at church. Ok, so this Saturday Brett and I along with a bunch of people from my old church and my fam are all going to see Tim Hawkins!! I am so pumped, he's a Christian comedian for those of you who don't know him. Just look up some of his stuff on Youtube, it is HILARIOUS. And if you don't think so...then you're wrong =P Kidding but seriously, he's funny. Oh! Anddd my wonderful husband bought me a 75 minute Hot Stone Massage!! For my birthday! I am so ready for that. He's the best. Also, I chopped my hair off. I couldn't stand it anymore. But it's kinda Brett likes it. Anyway I'm just blabbing now so I'll go frost my cupcakes. Bye!

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