Thursday, March 28, 2013

My photography

Lately I've been really trying to get my name out there for my photography "business". I can't technically call it a business I guess since legally it isn't, but I do love photography and I've done several weddings now along with family, senior and children sessions! I've also worked with 
I was the second photographer for her for several weddings and she has been the greatest mentor! I use Lightroom 3 to edit all of photos, and I shoot with a Nikon D3100. I'm hoping someday in the near future to upgrade my equipment but for now this does a great job. I've been learning a lot from, she has a lot of great tutorials and wonderful presets and brushes as well! So if you're a photographer also and love Lightroom as much as I do, I would highly recommend Pretty Presets (aka So I'll be shooting my next wedding in June and I am so excited! Brett's cousin is getting married and I'll be co-shooting the wedding with the bride's uncle- Micah Gummel, it should be a lot of fun!  Also I just created a Facebook page if you want to check it out, I would be honored.

Thanks everyone!

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