Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Killer Ab Workout

I decided that if I'm going to post a bunch of fattening recipes on here I better post something to counteract it. So I've been scouring Pinterest to find some Ab workouts...since that tends to be a lot of women's problem area. Men feel free to join in...it can be a family affair :) Ok so first of all there are a ton of ab workouts on Pinterest but this one is kinda cool too. Pinterest says it's a Pilates excercise? I'm not sure but here's how it works

Lie on your back and put both feet straight up in the air. Your hands can be at your side but should be up by your head   Like this:

So once you look somewhat like this chic

Write the alphabet in the air with your feet!  I got to E and my abs were on fire. I haven't done the whole alphabet yet because I stopped so i could blog this and share with you all :) So just try it...if your abs aren't on fire then you are just way ahead of me on the fitness train. For the rest of us- Keep on keepin on!

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