Friday, February 8, 2013

Men & Video Games

My husband, my cousin and a friend from church are all playing video games tonight...the one guy's wife is gone for a few weeks so they decided now would be a good time to play. Basically it's like watching a bunch of high school boys at an allnighter. Which hey if this is a way they can all release from a long hard work week then so be it. I really don't mind it at all but it does make me laugh. The giggling and yelling and laughing...yes I said giggling first. They really do giggle. Earlier...during dinner they were humming the tune to a nintendo 64 bond game lol. One of the men actually pulled it up on his phone and they were all listening (going back to the good ol days). So silly...I mean girls don't do stuff like this right? We don't go to each others houses and play with Barbie dolls? Not that I ever played with Barbie dolls when I was younger either but I'm sure some people did. I'm not dissing the guys at all though! I think it's great that they can all get together and have fun and yell at each other. Right now they're playing Madden..I'm not a huge fan of Madden. The one game I actually like (to watch) is Assassins Creed! Like truly..I like to watch Brett play it lol. I don't actually play the game though. I think tonight the guys are going to play Black Ops? or something that has to do with shooting everyone. Anyway us girls are going to have strawberry margaritas and do manis & pedis =) That sounds a whole lot more fun to me, but I guess most guys would think were ridiculous. But it works out nice for both sides :) Oh touchdown! hubby is winning!

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