Saturday, January 12, 2013


Well as I said before we don't have internet at the apartment so I'm sitting here at the library with my hubby. I cannot wait for our laptop to be fixed because then I can go sit in the corner by myself where no one can hear me typing. These computers have thee loudest keyboards I've ever heard haha. Although no one else seems to mind. Anyway, tonight we are going to FedLive to see Hot Jam Factory in concert! Brett used to be in the band before he married me. They're doing really well, they've just signed recently and their newest single is on the radio! I don't typically like the same music as Brett but I truly enjoy HJF. They're like old school mixed with rock/beach boys/blues! It's fantastic. So that's what we'll be doing tonight, Brett's parents are coming as well. Although I think that's partly because they have a bunch of beer on tap lol. They love some good beer, as well as my husband does. They actually brew their own....apparently it's quite good but I detest beer so I wouldn't know. I do love a good strawberry margarita though! Well the computer has just informed me that the library is closing in 15 minutes so I guess I should go. So long!

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