Monday, January 14, 2013

North & South

Today I watched the BBC mini series North & South, can I just say that I really enjoy that one! Also I've been waiting to see the first episode of the newest season of Downton Abbey, I totally fell in love with that show as well. I think I just really enjoy that time period, back when most of the men were gentlemen and the ladies all wore pretty dresses...if you were somewhat wealthy that is. But now gentlemen are scarce and ladies well...there's not many ladies out there either. haha. But that's how it works I guess. I do think I would've liked to have lived back then though...then my husband reminds me that they didn't have toilets....that doesn't sound like something I would enjoy lol. My sister in law, Caroline, has been telling me about all kinds of shows and movies I need to be watching and gave me an extensive list of authors I need to read. I'm kind of in love with Christian fiction at the moment. Tracie Peterson has been my author choice as of late. I just finished her Ladies of Liberty series. I enjoyed it but not as much as her other series, I like her "out in the west...or in texas" ones better. Probably because the women are such delicate things. And I know I'm totally contradicting myself here, saying I would've liked to live in England and wear pretty dresses but I assure you that if I had lived back then I would not have been some delicate little flower who had to go to bed for a week from a cold. I definitely don't like that part of "high society". I guess I really just want to have one of those beautiful ball gowns more than anything :)

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