Friday, January 11, 2013

January 11- the first day

-          I love a great many things in life. To name a few: My hope in Christ, my darling husband, my family, capturing the moment, and cooking.

I just thought I could start a blog and share my thoughts for whoever out there bored enough to read them J I’ve always wanted to start a blog but never figured I was a good enough writer to do it. But then I decided you don’t have to be a writer to have a blog. Anyway I just wanted to share stories from my life and memories I’ve made and continue to make everyday.

First of all I live in tiny little town, which for me seemed pretty big since I've lived on a dirt road for 18 years of my life. Yes a dirt road. So of course to actually live “in town” was a big step for me. But with the help of my wonderful husband I seem to be doing ok. Actually for once it’s nice to be 7 minutes from the mall instead of an hour! And only 2 minutes from the grocery store instead of 20. I sound like a real country bumpkin now haha.

So back to my tiny little town. Brett (that’s my nubby) and I moved here right after we got married. I had found the apartment on Craigslist, there were no pictures posted, only a name and number to call. I was a tad bit desperate to find a place for us since there was only a month until the wedding! Of course I was nervous that I’d have to settle for a less than excitable place but Brett went and looked at it and sent me the much desired pictures- Adorable! Plus new carpets and windows.  We happily agreed to rent it out. I still really enjoy it here. We have a nice sized kitchen, living room, bedroom and a cute little bathroom. Ground floor (which made moving in super easy) and two entrances, three big windows in the living room to let in all the natural light. Needless to say it’s completely adorable. Alright enough about the apartment.

Oh, let me just say- we have no internet since the budget won’t allow (until I get a job that is) so I have to head up to the library several days a week to keep my sanity.  I don’t mind though, it gives me something to do until Brett gets home. And the bit about me being unemployed- it’s not for lack of trying and I did have a full time job before we were married, so I’m not a slacker! People just don’t seem to want to hire me down here. I was a secretary for our family electrical & general contracting business for 3 years. I loved that job! Right now though I’ll pretty much take anything that comes along J But for now, since I have all day to myself, I’ll blog.

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